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10Web AI Assistant for WordPress is an AI content writer and AI content editor specifically developed for WordPress. With the 10Web AI Assistant, you can create premium content and conduct edits 10 times faster than through traditional means, all without leaving your WordPress environment. Create content faster directly from your Gutenberg block editor and Classic Editor.
Are you seeking an AI Assistant with the capacity to create, edit, and optimize content inside your WordPress environment, enhancing the reach of your WordPress site? The 10Web AI Assistant is the solution for which you have been waiting! The 10Web AI Assistant is the first to be designed and tailored for the needs of WordPress users.

Our AI Assistant for WordPress is a complete solution, combining the features of an AI content writer, AI content editor, and AI content optimizer. Your WordPress website content will be automatically transformed as AI Assistant enhances your content creativity and quality.
Let’s go through the extensive feature list of the 10Web AI Assistant, gaining a detailed look at all that it offers.


  • Generates content, paragraphs, outlines, copies, paraphrased text, product descriptions, introductions, conclusions, and more, specifically needed for WordPress users
  • Ensures the quantity and quality of content for WordPress 10 times faster than through traditional methods
  • Is designed and tailored specifically for the WordPress environment
  • Writes and generates content directly from your Gutenberg block editor and Classic Editor
  • Has a simple and easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • Enables content generation, editing, and optimization through a one-click solution
  • Improves content creativity, readability, and style
  • Add-ons are available for major WP plugins (Coming Soon)

What’s in it

10Web’s powerful AI-powered algorithms use the content in your WordPress website to produce new and unique content, including full articles on the topic and keywords provided. 10Web’s superior AI algorithms ensure that the content written is unique, readable, plagiarism-free, and SEO-optimized. The AI Assistant produces content that is indistinguishable from human writing.

Content generator

Content creation can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive procedure. Oftentimes, professionals are needed to create unique, highly-researched, and prompted content that takes hours of writing and editing. Through 10Web’s AI Assistant and its more than 20 templates with various tailored prompts for different use cases, you can generate content faster and better than before, cutting down hours of work and reducing both financial and human resources, while producing instantaneous results.

Outline generator

Generating new ideas demands a high level of creativity, research, and grit. With AI Assistant, you will receive outlines for articles, blogs, descriptions, ads, landing pages, and more within seconds, with the opportunity to explore the numerous ideas and outlines produced. All you’ll need to do is merely provide several simple keywords or a sentence of text describing your article to our AI algorithms and receive relevant outlines and ideas to quickly put together the content you need.

Paragraph generator

Facing writer’s block? Does it feel as though content just doesn’t seem to flow through you as it did before? Get unstuck with the help of AI. Now, you can increase your productivity without worrying about sounding repetitive or worrying about the inability to produce new creative work. With the AI Assistant for WordPress, you can do more with less time, while deriving a competitive edge through increased content generation. You can create content faster with AI, but most importantly you can create content that is unique, creative, SEO-optimized, and relevant without much interference.

Introduction generator

10Web AI Assistant will automatically generate your introduction paragraph by using the post or page title or another content piece as a prompt. You can save valuable hours of writing and editing with 10Web’s trusted AI content writer and editor.

Conclusion generator

You have created meticulously detailed, well-researched, captivating content for your website visitors, but somehow cannot regain the stamina for the concluding paragraph. Let 10Web’s AI content writer take over and produce a conclusion that is relevant, powerful, and indistinguishable from your own writing.

Paraphrase generator

With 10Web’s AI Assistant, you can generate paraphrased content within your WordPress website without leaving your WordPress environment. You can save hours of writing, by allowing our AI Assistant to paraphrase your original content, producing more unique content that suits your website’s needs in seconds. You will receive plagiarism-free content for products, website descriptions, even blogs, articles, ads, landing pages, and more. Most importantly you can create copies of the content that derive results and produce conversions.

10Web AI Assistant Add-ons (coming soon)

10Web offers add-ons for major WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO. You will be able to harness the power of AI to generate content, paraphrase and optimize content within these plugins.
Create Rich Content Through the 10Web Dashboard
10Web AI Assistant is available as a 10Web service within the 10Web Dashboard. You will automatically gain access to the 10Web Document Editor (coming soon) and various content templates to enhance your content creation experience further. Let’s explore the features provided by the AI Assistant service within the 10Web Dashboard.

Document Editor (coming soon)

With the demand for more and more content that not only brings visitors but also converts, the need for AI writing assistants for WordPress is greater than ever before.

The AI Assistant service, within the 10Web Dashboard, hosts the 10Web Document Editor, a blank editor that allows you to compose text and format it as needed. Within this WordPress environment, you can create content with the assistance of the 10Web AI content writer. Furthermore, through the AI content editor, you can rest assured that your content is error-free, and readable for your audience.

Better suited for long-form content

With 10Web’s Document Editor, you can write long-form content faster and better. Blog, article, tutorial, and other website content generation can be easily met with our AI Writing assistant for WordPress. The AI Assistant seamlessly integrates into your everyday working environment, allowing you to generate high-quality content through the AI.

10Web’s AI Assistant is all you need to compose content faster, improve your messaging, simplify text based on your audience and generate content from article outlines, specific paragraphs, blogs, product descriptions, and more.

Content Templates

10Web AI Assistant Dashboard is equipped with content templates for blogs, E-commerce, and website content generation. Based on the template chosen the 10Web AI Assistant will generate suitable content, easing the content generation process and enhancing the quality of the generated text.
Select from content templates including

  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • Blog post intro paragraph
  • Blog post outline
  • Content enhance
  • Explain it to a child
  • FAQ generator
  • Listicle
  • Complete blog post
  • Paragraph generator
  • AIDA framework
  • Feature to benefit
  • PAS framework
  • Product description
  • Company about us
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Text summarizer
  • Unique value proposition
  • Website sub-headline


If you believe that you have found a bug in 10Web AI Assistant or have any concerns, problems, or questions regarding the plugin, please visit our Support Forum



Follow the steps below to install the 10Web AI Assistant on your website.

Installing via WordPress
Follow the steps below to install 10Web AI Assistant to your website.
Log-in to your WordPress administrator panel.
Select Plugins page from toolbar menu, click Add New.
Search for 10Web AI Assistant in the right-top search bar if you want to download the Free version or click Upload Plugin button > “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the 10Web AI Assistant zip file

Installing via FTP

Login to your hosting space via an FTP software, e.g. FileZilla.
Unzip the downloaded 10Web AI Assistant plugin folder without making any changes to the folder.
Upload the 10Web AI Assistant plugin into the following location wp-content>wp-plugins.
Login to the WordPress Administrator Panel.
Activate 10Web AI Assistant by going to Plugins and pressing Activate button.

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

1. Is the content generated by AI Assistant original and plagiarism-free?

Yes, 10Web AI Assistant generates original and plagiarism-free content. You will receive unique, original, human-like content in a matter of seconds. 10Web AI assistant for WordPress employs the leading large language models, including GPT-3 to generate plagiarism-free, custom, high-quality content.

2. Is there any limit on how much content I can generate with AI Assistant?

With the 10Web free plan, you can produce content of up to 2000 words per month. For further detail and information on AI Assistant paid plans, visit 10Web’s AI Assistant pricing page.

3. Is there a free trial available?

10Web AI Assistant is a freemium product that you can always use for free. Through the 10Web AI Assistant free account you will gain access to all the features of 10Web AI Assistant but will be limited to generating 2000 words per month.

4. How does the AI Assistant work?

Highlight the text you would like to use for content generation or paraphrasing, click on the AI Assistant button and choose the action you would like to take. 10Web AI Assistant will generate new, one-of-a-kind, plagiarism-free content. Furthermore, the content is optimized for SEO and engagement. Once you integrate the AI content writer within your WordPress website, you will gain access to AI’s content generation and optimization functions for posts, pages, ads, landing pages, and other types of content, including images.

5. What technology does the AI Assistant use?

AI Assistant is powered by several leading language models, including the GPT-3, a revolutionary 175 billion-parameter autoregressive language model. For text generation, we use the leading model, the Davinci model. In addition to these brilliant models, our own 10Web AI technology is employed to supplement requirements and gaps wherever needed.

6. What are the benefits of using 10Web AI Assistant?

There is a myriad of benefits to employing the 10Web AI Assistant. You will obtain content generation that is 10x faster than conventional methods or manually. With the AI assistant, you can generate more content, faster and with less effort. All this is available through easy WordPress integration.

7. How much does 10Web AI Assistant cost?

Please see our pricing plans for cost estimations. The 10Web AI Assistant has several plans to choose from depending on your needs. Compare the features of the plans to ensure that you select the one best suited for your website(s).

8. Is 10Web AI Assistant compatible with other plugins and themes?

Yes, 10Web AI Assistant is compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins and themes. If any questions or concerns regarding compatibility arise, do not hesitate to contact our excellent support team for more assistance and further information.

9. What will I get from AI Assistant Pro?

10Web AI Assistant Pro for WordPress offers connection to unlimited websites, short and long writing and input lengths, long-content templates, generation of more than 10.000 words per month, depending on your plan, and more!

10. How is the usage of words calculated?

As with the majority of generative AI models, we calculate both input and output words. To simplify matters, we assume that every 5 characters make a word. For example, if you generate a sentence by providing another sentence as the input, this will be counted toward your usage as the sum of all the characters in input and output sentences divided by five.


नोव्हेंबर 21, 2023
I have been using the 10Web for a few weeks now and it has been a great help! Not only does it help me with coming up with new ideas for blog posts and other content, but it also does the work for me. With the 10Web AI Assistant – AI content writing assistant WordPress plugin, I can let the Artificial Intelligence do its thing and I don’t have to worry about spending hours crafting the perfect post. The AI assistant is fast and reliable, and it constantly updates and improves its content as new information comes in. I am confident that this plugin will help me create amazing content for my website. Highly recommended!
नोव्हेंबर 16, 2023
Nice idea. Doesn’t work. The button is there, but I can select text and press buttons as much as I like, but nothing happens.You don’t need to ask in Support because there are no replies. Prone to die.
फेब्रुवारी 23, 2023
Great to see 10Web championing the application of AI to content creation! The fact that you can do it all through WordPress instead of having to deal with a number of different platforms is a significant timesaver.
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बदलांची यादी


  • Fixed: Security issue


  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3


  • Added new onboarding flow
  • Fixed conflict with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin


  • Fixed: How to use popup


  • Fixed: Problem with ‘Another request in progress’ popup


  • Added: How to use popup


  • Changed: Main button design
  • Increased: Animation speed


  • Added: Support of Classic editor
  • Added: SEO Pack section


  • Fixed: Minor bugs


  • Added: Yoast SEO add-on support


  • Added: Functionality to work with add-ons


  • Added: Loader on AI button while the text is being generated
  • Improved: Text insertion UX, animations added
  • Changed: Wrap outline items in headings (h2)
  • Added: Error popups
  • Fixed: Other minor fixes


  • Initial version on wp.org