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Free SEO Tools WordPress Plugin by Rankifyer


Free SEO tools for WordPress is a plugin developed by Rankifyer. This plugin allows you to check the SEO performance and metrics of your WordPress website. Some of the free tools include SERP rank checkers, backlink checkers, DA Checker, competition as well as keyword research, and so much more.

This free SEO tools plugin for WordPress is a must-have for anyone looking to track and audit their WordPress site’s search engine optimization and performance. With a collection of powerful features, this WordPress plugin is here to make SEO a whole lot easier.


Rankifyer has a Bing and Google SERP Rank Checker. Wondering where your website stands in search results? Just click a button, and voila! You’ll know your website’s exact ranking position.
Our Backlink Checkers allow you to analyze and track your backlink profile effortlessly. Keep an eye on your high quality backlinks, new backlinks, and toxic backlinks that may be affecting your SEO.

Want to know the Domain Authority (DA) of a website? No problem! Rankifyer can do that with a click of a button.

Did we mention Competition and Keyword Research? With our extension, you’ll know which keywords are worth targeting and how competetive a keyword is. You’ll know the likelihood of you ranking for a keyword based on the competition level.

So, whether you want to check on your own website’s SEO performance, or check on your competitors, Free SEO Tools by Rankifyer is the best Chrome extension for that.

Full List of Included SEO Tools:
– Google SERP Checker
– Bing SERP Checker
– Top Search Queries
– Indexed Pages Checker
– High Quality Backlinks
– New Backlinks Checker
– Toxic Backlinks Checker
– DA Domain Authority Checker
– Keyword Research
– Competition Research


  • The main page of the plugin. This is where all the free SEO tools are listed.

  • Screenshot of the Top Search Queries Tool.

  • Screenshot of the Top Referrers Tool.

  • Screenshot of the Domain Authority Checker Tool.

  • Screenshot of the Competition Research Tool.

  • Screenshot of the Google SERP Rank Checker Tool.

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

Is this tool 100% free?

Yes, this tool is, at the moment, completely free. There are no freemium or premium versions; it’s all 100% free.

Will this plugin slow down my website?

The number of SEO tools offered by this plugin might make you think it’ll slow down your website, but you’ll notice absolutely no effect on your site speed. None of the tool’s assets are saved on your website. All the tools are running externally, and all the heavy lifting is done on our own servers, not yours.

Can I use this plugin on my client’s website?

Yes. You can activate this plugin on your client’s website.

Will this plugin improve my website’s SEO?

This plugin functions as a checker. It does not perform on-page SEO fixes. It should be used to check how your website’s SEO is performing. You’ll be able to check your Google ranking, top searches, backlinks, authority, and competition with this tool.

Who is this plugin for?

This plugin is intended for anyone looking to keep tabs on their WordPress site’s SEO performance. Having this plugin activated on your WordPress site makes it easy to check up on your Google ranking, search query traffic sources, backlinks, authority scores, and your competition. This plugin’s ease-of-use makes it great for both beginner and advanced digital marketers.


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