Maintenance Mode by Supsystic


Choose professional Maintenance Mode template and edit content with drag-and-drop builder to show your visitors that you website is under construction or maintenance mode. Collect emails, get social likes and shares. Launch page becomes easy with Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin by Supsystic

Maintenance Mode Features

  • Professional Maintenance Mode Templates
  • Responsive Design
  • Under Construction and Maintenance Mode options
  • Completely customizable Maintenance Mode design with drag-and-drop builder. Including launch page background, logo, fonts, social buttons
  • Subscription Option
  • Countdown Timer
  • Design Customization
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Drag&Drop Builder
  • Easily add Custom CSS and HTML code
  • Multisite Support
  • Maintenance Mode page live preview
  • Maintenance Mode page examples

How Maintenance Mode Page Works

While your site is under construction, Maintenance Mode page allows you to set up landing page that users will be directed to when visiting any of your site page. The Maintenance Mode by Supsystic plugin has three modes, “Maintenance Mode”, “Maintenance / Under Construction” and “Redirect”.
The design and front-end of your site will not look exactly when you activate Maintenance Mode page. The Maintenance Mode page or Launch page will be open to search engines and users, while Maintenance / Underconstruction mode will inform search engines that your site temporarily is under construction.

You can completely customize the look of your Maintenance Mode page just by selecting a few options. You can add a background image to the Maintenance Mode page, change text and link color, add a personal message using a drag-and-drop Maintenance Mode builder or customize CSS. The outputted Maintenance Mode page is completely responsive (if enabled) and your Maintenance Mode page will be mobile friendly by default. After you enable Maintenance Mode, users will be greeted with your custom landing page no matter where they enter the site, until you decide to remove Maintenance Mode page. Logged in administrators, however, will still be able to view a site like normal not in Maintenance Mode mode.

Under Construction Mode

Any startup can benefit from setting up a Maintenance Mode page as early as possible. But the other way is to setup Under Construction Mode on your website. With Under Construction \ Maintenance mode turned on, only you can see your site when you are logged in to WordPress as an Administrator. And all other users will see your Maintenance Mode page, until you end editing site in maintenance mode and turn this mode off.

There’re options to remove Under Construction and Maintenance modes not only for Administrators but for other user roles or special URLs. That options is also available when you setup Maintenance Mode or Launch page.

Video Landing Pages and Maintenance Mode Pages

Build video landing pages and Maintenance Mode pages with the Maintenance Mode by Supsystic plugin. Putting a Video on a landing page or Maintenance Mode page is agreat way for helping visitors get your message clearly. The best way to build a video landing page or Maintenance Mode page is to host the video on a video hosting site like or Vimeo. Then embed the video in your landing page or Maintenance Mode page.

Maintenance Mode pages are best used for collecting emails while your website is underconstruction . Focused message on your Maintenance Mode page can help you. Sometimes there can be a tendency to try and keep the launch page message broad on a Maintenance Mode page. Sometimes it’s not correct.

When you send the right traffic to your Maintenance Mode page and have the right message, you will get higher conversions. Focus on your target-group visitors on your Maintenance Mode page.

You also want to make sure you include a sign-up form on your Maintenance Mode page. You will spend a lot of money to get visitors to your Maintenance Mode page. Maintenance Mode pages can also be used to quickly validate an idea. For instance, you believe that a booked idea you have will sell well. Instead of writing the book, creating a full website, and marketing the book; you can start with a Maintenance Mode page and see what kind of responses you will get.

Translations Maintenance Mode by Supsystic in Your Language

You have an incredible opportunity to get PRO version of the Maintenance Mode / under construction plugin for free. Just make translation of the Maintenance Mode by Supsystic plugin!
Contact Us if you translate the plugin. Available Translations:

  • English
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian



To install Maintenance Mode by Supsystic via FTP

  1. Download the Maintenance Mode by Supsystic plugin
  2. Unarchive Maintenance Mode by Supsystic plugin
  3. Copy folder with
  4. Open the ftp \wp-content\plugins\
  5. Paste the plug-ins folder in the folder
  6. Go to admin panel => open item “Plugins” => activate Maintenance Mode by Supsystic
  7. Choose plugin mode
    • Maintenance Mode Page (or Launch Page)
    • Under Construction / Maintenance mode
    • Redirection
      Dont forget one of the Launch Page templates, if you choose Maintenance Mode mode

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

First time Maintenance Mode by Supsystic user

Complete tutorial How to create your first Maintenance Mode page

Where is documentation for Maintenance Mode by Supsystic WP plugin?

Here it is Maintenance Mode Documentation

How to use template blocks?

On this page you will find instuctions about using template blocks for Maintenance Mode page creating


नोव्हेंबर 1, 2019 1 reply
We are using the free and the pro-version as well. Both do an excellent job, easy ton configure.
ऑगस्ट 6, 2019 1 reply
An easy and simple to use interface. Worked well for what I required.
ऑगस्ट 28, 2018 1 reply
Easy to operate, no hassle, discrete and simple. All the attributes any plugin should have.
मार्च 1, 2018
Le plugin fonctionne très bien pour ma part, suffisamment d'options pour personnaliser le visuel, un décompte très cool. Tout est en blocs, il suffit de les mettre en place. Utilisatrice débutante satisfaite! J'ai eu besoin d'aide alors j'ai visionné la vidéo YT pour bien réaliser les paramétrages.
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बदलांची यादी

1.7.13 / 26.07.2023

  • Minor fixes

1.7.12 / 27.06.2023

  • Change name for Maintenance Mode
  • Add support PHP 8.2
  • Add support WP 6.2

1.7.10 / 08.11.2022

  • Add support PHP 8.1
  • Add support WP 6.1
  • Minor fixes

1.7.8 / 06.12.2021

  • Minor fixes
  • Add fix for mod.php
  • Support WP 5.8

1.7.7 / 22.06.2021

  • Minor fixes

1.7.6 / 24.05.2021

  • Add support for PHP 8.0

1.7.5 / 26.03.2021

  • Add support WP 5.7
  • Fixed localize issue
  • Fixed OVH

1.7.4 / 15.09.2020

  • Add support WP 5.5

1.7.3/ 23.01.2020

  • remove phpmailer code

1.7.2 / 21.11.2019

  • Fix for WP 5.3
  • Minor issues fix

1.7.1 / 05.11.2019

  • Minor issues fix

1.7.0 / 22.10.2019

  • Minor bug fixes

1.6.9 / 09.10.2019

  • Code review

1.6.8 / 03.09.2019

  • Minor code improvements

1.6.7 / 05.08.2019

  • Minor issues fix

1.6.6 / 19.06.2019

  • Fixes for wp translations
  • Minor issues fix

1.6.5 / 14.05.2019

  • Minor code improvements

1.6.4 / 27.03.2019

  • Minor issues fix

1.6.3 / 26.02.2019

  • Minor code improvements

1.6.2 / 22.01.2019

  • Minor issues fix
  • Screenshots update

1.6.1 / 18.12.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Code minor improvements

1.6.0 / 15.11.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Code review

1.5.9 / 18.09.2018

  • Core code minor improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.5.8 / 12.09.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Minor code improvements

1.5.7 / 04.09.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Core code minor improvements

1.5.6 / 21.08.2018

  • Minor issues fix

1.5.5 / 08.08.2018

  • Core code minor improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.5.4 / 25.07.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Minor code improvements

1.5.3 / 10.07.2018

  • Tooltips fix
  • Minor issues fix

1.5.2 / 26.06.2018

  • Minor issues fix

1.5.1 / 20.06.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Core code minor improvements

1.5.0 / 11.06.2018

  • Code review
  • Core code minor improvements

1.4.9 / 15.05.2018

  • Fixed plugin activation on multisite
  • Minor issues fix

1.4.8 / 26.04.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix

1.4.7 / 11.04.2018

  • Minor issues fix

1.4.6 / 28.03.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix

1.4.5 / 19.03.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix
  • Core code minor improvements

1.4.4 / 01.03.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix

1.4.3 / 13.02.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Core code minor improvements

1.4.2 / 31.01.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix
  • Core code minor improvements

1.4.1 / 15.01.2018

  • Fixed default translation file
  • Minor issues fixed

1.4.0 / 20.12.2017

  • Core code improvement
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.9 / 14.11.2017

  • Maintenance Mode Templates issues fix
  • Minor issues fix
  • Responsive Maintenance Mode mode fix on iOS

1.3.8 / 22.08.2017

  • Added German translation
  • Added Czech translation
  • Updated Dutch language
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.7 / 26.04.2017

  • Improved interactions with our users
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.6 / 19.04.2017

  • Code review and improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.5 / 15.03.2017

  • Possibility to hide license expire message
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.4 / 21.02.2017

  • Updated English and Italian languages
  • Featured plugins updated – added Membership plugin
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.3 / 12.01.2017

  • Fixed old code for php 7 compatibility
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.2 / 13.12.2016

  • Code review and improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.1 / 01.12.2016

  • Fix issue with saving empty IPs fields set
  • Core code improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.3.0 / 22.11.2016

  • At edit template Page, fix image position when first image select
  • Fix subscribers additional fields importing for MailChimp
  • Fix default plugins settings Login issue

1.2.9 / 09.11.2016

  • Fix responsive view for mobile
  • Added integration with Supsystic Newsletter plugin
  • Fix redirect on “redirect page”
  • Resolve conflict with Optimizer Theme on edit template page.
  • Fix problem with grant to Auth page (wp-login.php). Added option “Login URL” in admin page.
  • Fix issue for multiple slider blocks is in one page
  • Remove auto-saving on element destroy method – to avoid it’s calls too many times on removing whole blocks with multiple elements

1.2.8 / 18.10.2016

  • Code review and improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.2.7 / 21.09.2016

  • Fix UnderConsctruction mode
  • Maintenance Mode template added
  • Minor Issues fixed

1.2.6 / 28.07.2016

  • Fixed integration with Supsystic PopUp plugin –
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.5 / 13.07.2016

  • Update Maintenance Mode teplates
  • Under construction mode redirection fix
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.4 / 09.06.2016

  • Fixed bug with load google font
  • Fixed bug with color hex does not apply immediately
  • Fixed bug with quotes on text fields

1.2.3 / 25.05.2016

  • Fix conflicts with some plugins
  • Minor bugs fixes

1.2.2 / 12.05.2016

  • Added support of Google analytics
  • Fixed a bug that was not translated in time days
  • Add extension ‘show or hide on ip’
  • Code review and improvements

1.2.1 / 29.04.2016

  • Fixed a bug with options ‘date end’
  • Fixed a bug with timer
  • Added support theme portfolio-gallery
  • Minor bugs fixes

1.2.0 / 15.04.2016

  • Added a list of posts when editing links
  • Added date time picker

1.1.9 / 05.04.2016

  • Added support shortcode
  • Fixed errors in the text
  • Minor bugs fixes

1.1.8 / 29.03.2016

  • After the data end of the counter to disable Maintenance Mode
  • Compressed js files
  • Added additional fields when sending notifications to the admin
  • Minor issues fixes and improvements

1.1.7 / 25.02.2016

  • Added option “show on page”
  • Fixed the background on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug with the work of cookies
  • Minor issues fixes and improvements

1.1.6 / 19.01.2016

  • Add Link to the image feature
  • Responsive Maintenance Mode Template fix
  • Maintenance Mode fix
  • Added Maintenance Mode mode for special pages and URLs
  • Maintenance Mode Subscription feature fix

1.1.5 / 23.12.2015

  • Added a new color picker
  • Added border for сolor picker
  • Minor code issues fix

1.1.4 / 08.12.2015

  • Fixed responsiveness of Maintenance Mode counter for several templates
  • Added responsiveness of cover blocks for Maintenance Mode templates
  • Fixed counter alignment when changing the date format
  • Added recalculation of time, day to hours, hours to minutes, minutes to seconds
  • Fixed a bug with font list

1.1.3 / 02.12.2015

  • Added translation files
  • Fix compatibility for WordPress version less then 4.2.0
  • Minor code issues fix
  • Fix wording for footer blocks
  • Added new PRO templates – “Moet” and “Aruana”

1.1.2 / 24.11.2015

  • Possibility to remove any element from Maintenance Mode page
  • New PRO templates – “InTime”, “MiniGo” and “Klif”. More templates is coming!
  • Fixed issue with template saving without it’s editing
  • Minor issues fix and builder improvements

1.1.1 / 03.11.2015

  • Clear plugin cached scripts and styles after new version release
  • Small code improvements
  • Minor issues fixes for page builder
  • PRO version integration
  • PRO templates – Flattern
  • PRO templates – Sonoran

1.1.0 / 21.10.2015

  • Favicon for Maintenance Mode page functionality added
  • Improve Background position select box
  • Improve WordPress admin menu – make it more comfortable for usage and pretty
  • Added compatibility with other plugins on frontend that also use common WP scripts
  • Page builder improvements
  • Small code review

1.0.9 / 14.10.2015

  • Possibility to open site only for selected user roles
  • Possibility to open site only for specific URL addresses
  • Minor admin design improvements

1.0.8 / 13.10.2015

  • Fixed small issue with images elements menus after image was changed
  • Small spelling issues fix
  • Save template changes when go back to admin area
  • Reminder about changed options in admin area if decided to leave page without saving
  • Fix Factory template (some blocks was invalidated, set background color – to white)
  • Builder small issues fixes
  • More interactions with our users – just trying improve software for your needs!

1.0.7 / 24.09.2015

  • MailChimp Subscribe service added
  • Aweber Subscribe service added
  • Correct Blocks sorting for base templates
  • Small fix style for close popup btn in admin area when jquery dialog style are loaded
  • Fix CDN URL for HTTPS connection

1.0.6 / 23.09.2015

  • Hot Fix for 1.0.5 version database update
  • Added Reset Template button
  • Minor issue fixed

1.0.5 / 22.09.2015

  • Moved static info – to CDN servers: make Maintenance Mode plugin lighter
  • Option for users, who want to help our plugin, check it in Settings tab -> Promo link
  • Plugin functionality usage statistics added – to detect what our users need more, and develop those things for You
  • Minor issues fix

1.0.4 / 14.09.2015

  • Admin top toolbar notification when Maintenance Mode page is enabled
  • Re-organization of Maintenance Mode page admin area settings – make them more comfortable for usage
  • Fix issue when $wp_scripts or $wp_styles was not initialized when need to be rendered
  • Added meta tags Keywords and Description to the Maintenance Mode
  • Main Template builder toolbar improvements

1.0.3 / 11.09.2015

  • Fix bug with Maintenance Mode page mobile responsive option
  • New Maintenance Mode Template – Mercury
  • Fix Maintenance Mode drag-and-drop builder text editing bug
  • Fix bug with under construction mode
  • New Maintenance Mode Template – Mercury
  • Maintenance Mode Page Builder improvements
  • Added page background functionality (color, image, cover)
  • Icons library Fonts update to the latest version

1.0.1 / 07.09.2015

  • Release Maintenance Mode by Supsystic on