Designo Product Designer for WooCommerce allows customers to design, customize, or personalize products on your WooCommerce website. DesignO is a comprehensive API-driven personalization commerce platform that offers multiple options for personalized product ordering to customers. The first option is a full design tool, similar to Canva, integrated into your website. The second option is a form-based editor that allows customers to personalize products using a form, and the third option is to upload artwork and proceed to checkout.

Our WooCommerce product designer is powered by a centralized print order management software that caters to various businesses, including print service providers, packaging manufacturers, garment decorators, promotional gift suppliers, brand management firms, marketing organizations, graphic designers, digital asset management companies, franchise businesses, in-plant printers, and trade organizations.

Awesome features

  • Rich Editor

    • Fully mobile responsive design tool for product personalization such as print, packaging and merch with Canva like UX for desktop users and an app-like interface for mobile users. The design tool opens within your Magento store so that customers never leave your website.
    • Allows customers to save their designs in customer account for ordering and re-ordering to get the high lifetime value of the customers.
    • Allows customers to add personalized products right from within the design tool. From the shopping cart page, customers can proceed to checkout or go back to the design tool for further modifications in the artwork.

  • File Upload and Checkout

    • It is most common for a web-to-print shop to allow users to upload ready-to-print artwork and place orders. When placing an order online, buyers will be able to browse any product, select product options, check pricing, and finally upload artwork.

  • Form Based Editor

    • Form-based editor can be enabled from backend for the products where just need the form for personalization, this allow customers to just fill the form for personalization. It is the most easiest way to personalize and submit the order for end customers.
    • Form-based editor includes options to edit text, text paragraph, image, colors, font and many more.

  • Custom Options

    • DesignO allows to admin users to add custom options in the products.
    • Different types of options can be added like– text box, text area, checkbox, swatch box, dropdown, image dropdown, hidden filed, attribute and many more.

    Custom Pricing

    • Per Unit Pricing: DesignO allows to admin users to configure pricing based on per unit, where admin can defined quantity based tier pricing, size based tier pricing or can combine both together.
    • Admin can also set product base price, pricing for single option or make a combination of options and set pricing for it.

    • Size based Pricing: DesignO allow admin to set pricing for products which works of per sq unit such as banner, wallpaper, backdrop and many more. Admin can set base pricing and custom options pricing based on sizes.

  • Order and Job Management

    • DesignO provide complete order management system to execute the order and ship to the customer.
    • Each order gets Print-ready files which can directly go in printing.
    • Comprehensive job monitoring and management from pre-press to ready-for-delivery.
    • Define unique print workflow management for each type of printable product.
    • Full visibility through live job dashboard and job calendar to get every order delivered on time.
    • Notifications and e-mails for artwork approval and status updates to/from customers and your internal team.
    • Role-based access to back-end users for full control and data security.

  • Library Management

    • DesignO provides complete library management to admin user to add and edit fonts, colors, clipart, artwork and layouts.
    • DesignO provides admin user a easy to use design template builder with full control to define editable and non-editable elements in the artwork.
    • Admin also can import ready artwork and templates from DesignRiver which is integrated in DesignO

  • Other Features

    • Multi-store support.
    • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency support.


  • No more re-platforming, just integrate through API
  • No more loosing on SEO and website traffic
  • Reduce the number of software installations and licensing fee
  • Centralize your pre-press work and reduce production cost
  • Manage more work in the most profitable way possible
  • Offers thousands of pre-made templates to choose from

Who Use it

  • Digital, Commercial, and Wide Format Printers
  • Photo Printers & Book Publishers
  • Garment Decorator, Promotional Product Suppliers, Custom Merch Vendors
  • Marketing Agencies and Graphics Designers
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Educational Institutes and Universities
  • Franchisee Businesses
  • Corporates and Trade Printers



  • Setting
  • Customize Button
  • Studio
  • Dashboard


  • Install using the WordPress Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” administration page in WordPress


मे 15, 2024
Their woocommerce custom product designer plugin been perfect for our small printing business. It’s easy to use, offers personalization, is affordable and lets us focus on our work without getting lost in complicated things. Worth checking out if you want something simple and straightforward
मे 15, 2024
Design’N’Buy team and software are the most powerful solution available in the web to print market. I tried couple of different solutions in past but none of them met my requirement. We are so happy and grateful to them.
मे 15, 2024
By using Design’N’Buy’s product designer wordpress plugin DesignO my whole production process has now been faster. I love how streamlined and organized Design’N’Buy makes everything for our company.
मे 10, 2024
Absolutely awesome web-to-print solution. Value for money is 8/10. We run this plugin for almost 2 years now on our online print store. Some specific changes were made to fulfill our needs. Customer support is great, personal and very quick response.
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बदलांची यादी

1.0.0 – 15/03/2022

  • Initial Release

1.0.1 – 28/03/2022

  • Fix Minor bugs.

1.0.2 – 19/04/2022

  • Fix Minor bugs.

1.0.3 – 24/11/2022

  • Fix Minor bugs.

1.0.4 – 25/11/2022

  • Fix Minor bugs.

1.0.5 – 20/12/2022

  • Registration and login issue resolved
  • Cart issue resolved.

1.0.6 – 16/03/2023

  • Fix Minor bugs.

1.0.7 – 26/09/2023

  • Quickedit , Browse Template, Upload Files Features added. Supported with DesignO 1.7

1.0.8 – 01/02/2024

  • Fix Minor bugs.

1.0.9 – 03/04/2024

  • Custom Option and price support with DesignO 2.0.

2.0.0 – 15/03/2022

  • Fix Minor bugs