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This is an addon plugin for HD Quiz and cannot be used on its own. HD Quiz 1.7.0+ is required.

See a live demo of HD Quiz in action.

This addon will create a new Results page for HD Quiz that shows a nice table listing each time one of your quizzes was completed. The table includes the name of the completed quiz, the date and time of completion, the score, whether the quiz was passed of failed, and, if the user was logged-in, their display name.


This is a free and “light” version.

The Save Results Pro addon is a paid version and can be found here: Save Results Pro
– save quiz taker’s name and email
– add custom form fields
– send results via email
– sort and filter results
– save each result of each question/answer
– leaderboard functionality


  • Install HD Quiz
  • Install this
  • Check the Results page


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डिसेंबर 13, 2022
SO basic limited feature but better than nothing. The paid pro version offers more features but so pricey compared to the services it includes and the other competitives features. I wish at least the free version gets updated regularly.
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बदलांची यादी

= 0.4
– better compatability with WP 6.x+
– minor UI updates to coincide with HDQ 1.8.8 tabs
– update SRP copy

= 0.3
– increase total records from 500 to 1000
– better datetime – use WordPress defined timezone
– show total records count in table

= 0.2
– HD Quiz 1.8 Compatability
– Quick options: delete all results; export results as CSV= 0.1
– init release