Maaq – Manage your WordPress websites


Maaq – Manage your WordPress websites

An easy way to manage, monitor & maintain your WordPress websites! This plugin is needed to get the Maaq app working ⚡️🚀.


This plugin acts as a bridge to communicate with the Maaq IOS & Android apps. It will connect to the Maaq servers to handle things like events.

You can check out our terms of use & privacy policy here.


  • Easily manage your WordPress websites – App screenshot
  • Get events – App screenshot
  • Simple dashboard – App screenshot
  • Manage features – App screenshot
  • Fully adaptable – App screenshot


Get started in 2 steps.

  1. Install & activate the Maaq plugin on your website.
  2. Go to the Maaq plugin settings and scan the pairing QR code from the Maaq app.

This plugin acts as a bridge to communicate with the Maaq IOS & Android apps.

Still having trouble?
Have a look at our detailed tutorial on how to connect your WordPress website on our website.

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

Why do I need this plugin to use Maaq?

This plugin acts as a bridge between your WordPress site and our IOS or Android app.

How do I pair my WordPress website with the Maaq app?

The first step is to install and activate this plugin. Then you head over to the Maaq plugin settings. It will show you an QR code which you can scan from within the Maaq IOS or Android app.


फेब्रुवारी 27, 2024
Lovely app and very easy to pair with my websites.
जानेवारी 30, 2024
Works wonderful, but it is still missing some features. Has potential!
सर्व 2 पुनरावलोकने वाचा

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बदलांची यादी

— 0.0.6 —

🚸 Added feature to add users

📦️ Updated third party packages

— 0.0.5 —

✨ Open Maaq pair page on plugin activation

— 0.0.4 —

🔔 Better error events logging

🩹 Remove sso user id when user is deleted from wp-admin
🩹 Restrict demote last administator

— 0.0.3 —

✨ Added single sign-on

🔔 More useful details in events

🩹 Plugin updates didn’t always sync correctly
🐛 Don’t send posts events for auto_drafts
🩹 Fixed updating of a user role
🩹 You could enter an empty email

— 0.0.2 —

✨ More endpoints
🔒️ Permission checks

🔔 Notifications are now called events

🩹 Use offset based pagination instead of cursor based
🔔 Replaced wrong eventId

— 0.0.1 —

🎉 Initial release