This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Max Mega Menu – StoreFront Integration


Integrates Max Mega Menu with the WooCommerce StoreFront theme.

Requires Max Mega Menu and StoreFront.

This plugin will add a ‘StoreFront’ menu theme (designed for a dark StoreFront header background. If you are using a light header background color you will need to update the theme font colors under Mega Menu > Menu Themes).

This plugin will also remove residual styling from contents within mega sub menus.

IMPORTANT: When Max Mega Menu is enabled, the “Primary Menu” menu will be displayed on both desktop and mobiles. The “Handheld Menu” will not be used.


  • Max Mega Menu working with StoreFront
  • This plugin adds a preconfigured “StoreFront” theme


  1. Go to the Plugins page in WordPress
  2. Search for “Max Mega Menu – StoreFront Integration”
  3. Click “Install”

After installation go to Appearance > Menus. In the Max Mega Menu Settings box (on the left) change the Theme setting to “StoreFront”.


एप्रिल 25, 2019
Works great :-)! Thanks
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बदलांची यादी


  • Fix: StoreFront 2.4.4+ compatibility. On mobile, the footer search icon doesn’t/didn’t work when Max Mega Menu is enabled.


  • Fix: StoreFront 2.2.6+ compatibility. On mobile, the footer search icon doesn’t/didn’t work when Max Mega Menu is enabled.


  • Add support for “Storefront WooCommerce Customizer”. Make menu full width when “Cart Link” option has been unchecked (
  • Add support for “Storefront Powerpack”. Make the menu full width when the header layout customizer has been used
  • Fix: Change “Navigation” to “Menu” to reflect update to the StoreFront theme
  • Fix: Positioning of menu when sticky
  • Fix: Clear mobile menu so that it sits below site branding instead of inline


  • Initial version