Real Cookie Banner: GDPR & ePrivacy Cookie Consent


Cookie Banner and Consent Management for your WordPress website – easy to be legally compliant

Obtain GDPR (also known as DSGVO, RGPD, RODO, AVG) and ePrivacy Directive (implemented in national law as TTDSG, LOPD-GDD, DTA, TLA, LEK, E-com Act) compliant consents. Find services, cookies etc. and fill all legal information in your cookie banner. More than just a cookie notice! Cookie plugin designed specifically for WordPress websites to simplify setup.

Real Cookie Banner is a cookie and consent management plugin. Obtain consent to load services and set cookies for your visitors in accordance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. In addition, content blockers help you to be compliant even if your theme, plugin or content loads styles, scripts or iframes that would transfer personal data. Start now with our guided-configuration and avoid legal risks!

Scan your website and discover services that require consent!

Whether the use of the plugin leads to legally compliant data processing largely depends on whether the plugin is configured correctly for your use case. You yourself are responsible for a correct configuration.

Free Sandbox

You want to try Real Cookie Banner before installing? Take a free sandbox and play around!

Create a free sandbox

Features of the cookie plugin

Consent Management: You can use Real Cookie Banner to store all technical and legal information about services and cookies to obtain informed consent. You can use 150+ service templates and 120+ content blocker templates to quickly and securely provide all the information you need.

Content Blocker: Themes, plugins and co. usually load scripts, styles and content that transfer personal data and set cookies before you have the consent of your visitors. You usually cannot control this by yourself. Content blockers make sure that these features are only executed after you have obtained consent.

Customize design: You can design the cookie banner according to your wishes. 20+ design templates and 200+ options give you the flexibility to customize the cookie banner perfectly to your needs. From colors and effects to texts, you can unleash your creativity! All changes are displayed in a live preview.

Guided configuration: After installation, the checklist will guide you through all steps to be able to set up Real Cookie Banner in a legally compliant manner. We also explain the legalities of features and the legal consequences if you change settings. So, you can quickly and safely set up your cookie banner!

Documentation of consents: According to the GDPR, you have to prove that a visitor has consented to cookies and processing of personal data if he or she doubts this. We document consent completely and make it possible to trace the origin of the consent afterwards. You are on the safe side even in the worst case!

Native in WordPress: Real Cookie Banner is a cookie plugin specially designed for WordPress. It is fully installed in your WordPress as a native plugin. All consents are processed and stored on your server. Nothing is downloaded from a cloud in your visitor’s browser, which avoids further legal issues.

You want a list of all features? Get it by scrolling down!

Supported Languages

Real Cookie Banner is available in English, German (informal and formal), French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch (informal and formal), Czech, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål. Texts provided in service templates and content blocker templates are translated only in parts.

More languages will be added soon! In the meantime, you can also customize and translate all the texts yourself.

All Features of Real Cookie Banner

Some of the features listed below are only available in the PRO version of Real Cookie Banner. They are marked with an asterisk.

Beginner-friendly // solution for the cookie hassle – for everyone

  • Guided configuration: After installation, we will guide you through the setup step by step. With easy to understand explanations.
  • Checklist for potential legally compliant setup: A checklist shows you all the steps to be able to set up your cookie banner in a legally compliant way. Written in non-legal language for everyone.
  • Scan your website: Automatically search your entire website. Find used services with templates and embedded external URLs effortlessly.
  • Free version available: Start at no cost and pay only when you really need additional features. All features for a legally compliant setup are included in the free version.
  • Support with focus on solutions: You have questions? We are here for you with people who really care about your problem. Promised! (limited for users of the free version)
  • Fully translated: Our WordPress plugin is translated into English, German (informal and formal), French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch (informal and formal), Czech, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål.

Consent Management // we take care of compliant consents

  • Cookies and processing of personal data: We obtain consents for you in accordance with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR (suitable for Swiss DSG as well). For more than just cookies!
  • 150+ service and 120+ content blocker templates*: We’ve already collected all the necessary technical and legal stuff for 150+ popular services, so you can avoid the hassle.
  • Individual groups for services: Make it easy for your visitors to opt-in by grouping services together. Automatically suggested groups for services with templates.
  • Technical specifications of HTTP cookies and cookie-like information: You can store all necessary information about HTTP cookies, Local Storage, Session Storage and IndexedDB.
  • Execution of opt-in and opt-out scripts: After the consent or its revocation HTML/JavaScript code can be executed per service.
  • Legal links: View history of consent and change or revoke consent. You can (and must legally) offer this with simple WordPress menu items or shortcodes anywhere on your website.
  • Youth protection according to GDPR: We take care that also minors can give consents on your website according to Art. 8 GDPR. With support for country-specific age limits. Avoid ineffective consent for underage website visitors!
  • Consent to data processing in insecure third countries*: For data processing in insecure third countries in terms of data protection, we obtain consent in accordance Art. 49 GDPR, considering standard contractual clauses and the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework.
  • Hide cookie banner legally compliant: Legal notice (imprint) and privacy policy must be accessible without cookie banner. On other pages, e.g. landing pages, conversation rates increase*. Works with us quite simply!
  • Automatically obtain of new consents: You change something on the cookie banner? We will notify you automatically when you need to get a new consent!
  • Accepting all cookies for bots: For more visibility in search engines, bots can automatically consent and see the full content of your website.
  • Use of “Do Not Track” header: Don’t annoy your visitors who are already signaling that they don’t want to consent. You can respect the “Do Not Track” HTTP-header.

Documentation // truly fully documented consents

  • Documentation of consents with revision: All services, its consents, service groups, settings and design customizations are saved. Fulfill the duty of proof according to GDPR!
  • Creation of consents afterwards traceable*: View retrospectively how consent was obtained through an interactive visualization of the cookie banner or content blocker.
  • Statistics about consents*: Necessarily documented information about the consents are aggregated for statistics. This allows you for example to extrapolate your data in Google Analytics.

Content Blocker // load services only with consent

  • Block already integrated link, script and iframe HTML tags: Already included elements by your theme or plugins can be blocked based on the HTML tag. Works for every HTML element on initial load of your website!
  • URL blocking: Elements that may only be loaded after consent can be blocked based on the URL. Works also for inline scripts and retina images.
  • Custom element blocking: You can block elements based on custom defined rule e.g. via their CSS class. With an easy to understand and flexible syntax. Not only for software developers.
  • @font-face fonts blocking: Inline loaded fonts from external servers can be blocked fine granular. You can be privacy-compliant even if Google Fonts can not be disabled in your theme!
  • Inline style splitting: Some page builders download files in inline styles for which you need consent. We split styles so that your website loads correctly while listening for consents.
  • Privacy-compliant lazy loading: Embeds are post-loaded after the consent check depending on the viewport of your website visitor, which makes your initial page load faster.
  • Visual content blockers: They ask for consent from visitors if they have declined services in the cookie banner. Replace e.g. YouTube videos with similar-looking privacy-compliant imitations*.
  • Automatic video playback after consent: If your visitor allows the loading of an external video only via a content blocker, he must start the video manually afterwards. We save him the click and start YouTube, Vimeo and more videos automatically.
  • Content Blocker connected with services: Each content blocker is associated with one or more services. With it, content is automatically unblocked when consent is given in the cookie banner.

Design // always fits perfectly into your website

  • Cookie banner and content blocker layout: You can customize the design of your cookie banner with more than 200 options*. So, it will fit perfectly with your corporate design!
  • Live preview of design and text changes: All visual changes to your cookie banner will be displayed live on your website in the WordPress Customizer. Without annoying reloading!
  • 20+ cookie banner design presets*: Don’t waste your time tinkering with the design forever. Just use one of our templates. There is something for every taste!

Accessibility // accessible for everyone on your website

  • Compliance with European Accessibility Act: The European Accessibility Act requires most website operators to have an accessible website by June 2025. We meet requirements and local implementations of all supported countries.
  • WCAG 2.2 Level AA fulfilled: Our cookie banner and content blocker have been technically engineered to comply with the WCAG 2.2 Level AA standard, ensuring an accessible and user-friendly experience for all website visitors.
  • Accessibility score for design settings: Your design settings are evaluated using an accessibility score to ensure you comply with legal requirements. All design presets are of course accessible according to WCAG 2.2 Level AA.

TCF Compatibility // obtain standardized consents

  • TCF 2.1+ compatibility*: Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is a standard of the European digital marketing industry association IAB Europe. It allows standardized consent to be obtained. We support the widely used standard TCF 2.1 and newer.
  • Configuration with user interface*: TCF is mostly very technical and can be set up only with code. Not with us! You can configure all important features, vendors etc. in one interface with understandable explanations of the terms used in the standard.
  • Google certified CMP: Real Cookie Banner is a CMP, certified by Google for Adsense and IAB Europe. All requirements of the TCF standard are implemented*. This allows you to display Adsense ads on your website according to Google’s specifications.

Special Features // made for professional users

  • Geo-restriction*: Cookie banners are not necessary for users from all countries. Internationally oriented websites can decide per country whether a cookie banner should be displayed. This way you avoid unnecessary distraction from your content!
  • Support for Google Tag Manager and Matomo Tag Manager*: Load your tag manager in a privacy-friendly way only after consent. Then process consents directly in your tag manager as events (with fallback for visitors without consent for the tag manager).
  • Consent Forwarding*: Forward a visitor’s consents and avoid multiple consents from a visitor on multiple websites of your company (with WordPress Multisites or multiple WordPress installations; forwarding as one-way sync or two-way sync of consents).

Technical // perfection in detail – for WordPress

  • Support for multilingual websites: Your cookie banner also works in multilingual websites with WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress and Weglot. We have built explicit integrations for these plugins.
  • Native solution in WordPress: Real Cookie Banner is installed in your WordPress. Consents are processed and stored exclusively on your server. Nothing is downloaded from the cloud in the browser of your visitors!
  • PageSpeed Insights optimized: Loading time of your website matters! Real Cookie Banner is optimized for PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse and Web Vitals. You can achieve a PageSpeed Score of 100 with an active cookie banner.
  • Automatic deletion of 1st-party cookies: In the event of an opt-out, 1st-party cookies can be automatically deleted on the client- and server-side to ensure due diligence.
  • Support for automatic flushing of all known page caches: After a change to the cookie banner or content blocker, we automatically clear your page cache plugin. No more problems with outdated caches!
  • Anti-Ad-Blocker system: Cookie banners are annoying and many people block them. We have implemented special mechanisms that make your cookie banner almost impossible to block. Because you should get your consents!
  • Import and export: All settings and consents can be exported at any time. Use already defined settings in new websites and save time if you are an agency building many websites!
  • Support for WordPress Multisites: You use a WordPress Mulisite? No problem! Real Cookie Banner also works with such a setup.
  • API for developers: You want to extend Real Cookie Banner? We have documented WordPress actions & filters and our REST API for you.

Templates & Compatibility

Real Cookie Banner can be used to collect consent for almost any tools, plugins and services in your WordPress website. You can easily store the necessary legal and technical information for informed consent in a service and content blocker of the consent management.

We have verified that major Google and Facebook services, YouTube, Vimeo or Matomo as well as popular WordPress plugins like Elementor, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Wordfence or Contact Form 7 and many more are compatible.

The PRO Version of Real Cookie Banner comes with 150+ service templates and 120+ content blocker templates*. These templates save you a lot of time by giving you all the relevant legal and technical information for a service to use it in accordance with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR. Check out the complete list of all services with templates on our website.

Developer Friendly

You are a developer and want to write an add-on for Real Cookie Banner or make your plugin compatible with our cookie plugin? We are happy to help you!

WordPress actions & filters and REST API

Have a look at the API documentation on our website to learn more about how to write code that uses functions of Real Cookie Banner.

Free Support

We like to work with other WordPress developers. If you need assistants to use our product for your code projects or make your WordPress plugin compatible with Real Cookie Banner, just open a support ticket.

Get the PRO version of Real Cookie Banner

You will download the free version of this plugin, which contains all core functions that allow you to load services and set cookies according to the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

Our PRO version offers even more useful features and many service and content blocker templates, which not only make the cookie banner more flexible, but also save you a lot of time to set up the cookie banner in compliance with the law. Learn more about the PRO version.


  • Cookie & Consent Management
  • Content Blocker
  • Customize design
  • Guided configuration
  • Documentation of consents
  • Native solution in WordPress


  1. Go to your WordPress backend
  2. Navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New”
  3. Search for “Real Cookie Banner”
  4. Install and activate the plugin
  5. Go to “Cookies” in the left sidebar and start the setup of your cookie banner

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

Where can I find documentation or support for the plugin?

We offer a knowledge base and fast support on our website. Please feel free to open a support ticket if you have questions, issues or feedback about the plugin. We love to make Real Cookie Banner better!

Does Real Cookie Banner find all cookies on my website automatically?

Yes, Real Cookie Banner has a scanner that checks your website for used services. It recommends you from service templates and content blocker templates suitable configuration. It will also alert you to unknown services on your website that may require consent. For more information on how our service scanner works, see our knowledge base.

However, the service scanner is not a cookie scanner. A cookie scanner could, if at all, only find cookies, but not legally assess the processing of personal data. Moreover, it is highly complex to find all cookies and most so-called cookie scanners do not find all cookies. We have explained in detail why this is so in our knowledge base.

Is Real Cookie Banner free?

Yes, all core features of Real Cookie Banner are free and you are able to create unlimited services (cookies) and content blockers. But most of the service templates and content blocker templates that will save you many hours of research work are included only in the PRO version. Learn more about the PRO version.

What is the difference between Real Cookie Banner and Real Cookie Banner PRO?

The PRO Version offers you many additional features like

consent to data processing in insecure third countries, statistics about consents, advanced visual content blockers, cookie banner design presets, TCF support, geo-restriction
Google Tag Manager and Matomo Tag Managerspport, consent forwarding or many service templates and content blocker templates. Learn more about the PRO version.

What is the GDPR (also known as DSGVO, RGPD, RODO, AVG)?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also referred to as GDPR, RGPD, RODO, or AVG in different regions, is a comprehensive data protection law enacted by the European Union in 2018. It aims to standardize data protection laws across all EU member states, safeguarding EU citizens’ personal data while regulating how data is processed by organizations. The GDPR enhances individuals’ control over their personal data, granting rights like access to data, correction, deletion, and the option to object to data processing under certain circumstances. It mandates transparency, consent, and accountability from organizations, making them responsible for ensuring data privacy and security.

Although the GDPR significantly impacts how cookies are used on websites, it does not directly regulate the use of cookies. The regulation of cookies falls under the ePrivacy Directive, often referred to as the “Cookie Law”, which requires user consent for the storage of and access to cookies on their devices. However, since cookies can store personal data such as user preferences or behavior tracking information, the GDPR’s consent and transparency principles come into play. In essence, while the ePrivacy Directive governs the use of cookies, the GDPR sets the broader framework for the protection of personal data, which indirectly influences how cookies are handled when they process personal data.

What is the ePrivacy Directive (implemented in national law as TTDSG, LOPD-GDD, DTA, TLA, LEK, E-com Act)?


The ePrivacy Directive, also known as the “Cookie Directive”, is an EU directive focused on the protection of personal data in electronic communications. It requires companies and website operators within the EU to obtain users’ consent before storing or accessing information on their devices, such as through cookies. It is the reason why most website in the EU have cookie plugins, also known as cookie consent dialogs or cookie banners. Member states have transposed the directive into their national laws, leading to various names for the legislation in different countries, like TTDSG in Germany, LOPD-GDD in Spain, DTA in Netherlands, TLA in Poland, LEK in Sweden, and the E-com Act in Norway.


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This plugin is super helpful and does a lot of manual work automatically. Support is also beneficial and fast answering to requests.
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Top-Tool auch für Anfänger. Lässt wirklich keine Wünsche offen.
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I had an issue with the Plugin on Safari and wrote a ticket. ONE MINUTE later i got a working solution to fix it. Unbeatable Support, thank you so much!
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I only run my homepage as a hobby and don't want to spend too much time on more or less administrative things, so please let the plugin do that. With Real Cookie Banner I have found by far the best cookie plugin for me. Not only does it recognize most relevant cookies, it is more intuitive to use than any other competitor. And the support helped a lot and was always patient, even with a whiny guy like me.
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Ich kann dieses Plugin uneingeschränkt empfehlen! Es ist super einfach zu bedienen und auch bei Problemen wird einem rasch und sehr kompetent geholfen! Einfach nur TOP!
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Security notices

  • Real Cookie Banner 2.18.1 or older had an XSS vulnerability. It could be exploited by logged in WordPress users with permissions to manage options (mostly administrators). We strongly recommend to install updates to 2.18.2 or newer!