Loan Repayment Calculator


Optimize your loan repayment planning with this Loan Repayment Calculator. Effortlessly adjust the loan amount and term using intuitive sliders, and select your credit rating to see your repayment amounts. Incorporating an “Apply Now” button directly connects you to the application form, streamlining the process. This loan calculator is designed for ease of use and simplicity, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


  • The loan repayment calculator
  • Credit score and interest rates settings
  • Output settings


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  • Loan Calculator


  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’ then search for ‘Loan Repayment Calculator’.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Activate the plugin.
  5. To use the plugin in your posts and pages add the shortcode [lrc].
  6. Change the options in the plugin settings page.


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बदलांची यादी


  • WordPress version update


  • Accepts zero percent interest


  • Improved sliders
  • Fixed data saving bug


  • Initial Issue