This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Rss news display


RSS news display is a simple plugin to show the RSS title with cycle jQuery script.

Check official website for live demo

RSS news display is a simple plugin to show the RSS title with cycle jQuery script. This plugin retrieve the title and corresponding links from the given RSS feed and setup the news display in the website. Its display one title at a time and cycle all the remaining title in the mentioned location. and we have option to set four different cycle left to right, right to left, down to up, up to down. using this plugin we can easily setup the news display under top menu or footer. the plug-in have separate CSS file to configure the style.

Features of this plugin

  • Simple installation and customization.
  • Option to add any rss feed.
  • Four different cycle option.

Plug-in configure

  • Drag and drop the widget: Go to widget page under Appearance menu, Drag and drop Rss news display widget into your side bar.

  • Add directly in the theme: Use this code <?php RssNewsDisplay(1); ?> to add this plug-in in to your theme files.

  • Short code for posts and pages: Copy and paste the given short code into pages or posts.



  • Front Screen :

  • Admin Screen :

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

Frequently asked questions

Q) How can I add this plugin under my top-menu/header?

Q) How can I add this plugin on my website footer?

Q) How can I add this plugin on my sidebar?

Q) How can I change the display style?


सर्व 2 पुनरावलोकने वाचा

योगदानकर्ते आणि विकसक

“Rss news display” हे मुक्त स्रोत सॉफ्टवेअर आहे. पुढील लोक या प्लगइनच्या निर्मितीत योगदान केले आहे.


भाषांतर करा “Rss news display” तुमच्या भाषेत.

विकासातील आग्रह?

कोड ब्राउझ करा, SVN संग्रहालय तपासा, किंवा विकास लॉग च्या RSS द्वारे सदस्यता घ्या.

बदलांची यादी


First version.


  1. widgets issue solved
  2. Increased the textbox length to enter the word “Right”


Tested upto 3.4


JavaScript loaded by using the wp_enqueue_scripts hook (instead of the init hook), This will avoid the JavaScript, Jquery conflict.
Slight change in the short code, Please find the new short code for your rss display.


New demo link,


Tested up to 3.4.2


Tested up to 3.5
Avoid registering the alternate jQuery.
From this version we are using existing wordpress jQuery.


Tested up to 3.6
Added few security features.
New admin layout.


  1. Tested up to 3.8
  2. Now this plugin supports localization (or internationalization). i.e. option to translate into other languages.
    Plugin *.po file (rss-news-display.po) available in the languages folder.


  1. Tested up to 3.9
  2. Now it using fetch_feed() wordpress method to load rss feed. (fetch_feed() uses the SimplePie and FeedCache functionality for retrieval and parsing and automatic caching)


  1. Multi-instance widget options added (You can add plugin widget many times in your sidebar)
  2. Rss load method has been modified.

If your using widget option and upgrading the plugin, This upgrade will remove the widget from your sidebar. Thus please go to your dashboard widget menu and drag and drop the Rss news display widget again (One time work, not required in future)


  1. Tested up to 4.0


  1. Tested up to 4.1


  1. Tested up to 4.2.2


  1. Tested up to 4.3


  1. Tested up to 4.4
  2. Text Domain slug has been added for Language Packs.


  1. Tested up to 4.5
  2. Sanitization added for all input value.


Bug fix.


  1. Tested up to 4.6


  1. Tested up to 4.7


  1. Tested up to 4.8


  1. Tested up to 4.9


  1. Tested up to 5.1


  1. Tested up to 5.2
  2. Uninstall option added. All plugin reference and plugin table will be cleared during uninstallation.


  1. Tested up to 5.3


  1. Tested up to 5.4


  1. Tested up to 5.5


  1. Tested up to 5.7


  1. Tested up to 5.8
  2. Use plugin short code in the widget.


  1. Tested up to 5.9