This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Sticky Back2Top Universal


You’ve got a page. It’s a long page. Heck, it might be your only page, you hipster single-page website rocking rebel you. Even if your page doesn’t seem that long to you, believe me, someone out there is scrolling through it on a Nokia or some other tiny, difficult to use device and is getting frustrated because they have to scroll all the way back manually.

Do you hear that sound? No, it’s not the sound of millions of scrollbars being exercised – it’s the sound of your visitors leaving your site because they can’t scroll back to the top.

Save your users from that nightmarish descent into scrolled hell. Save yourself from the pain of angry and lost customers. Install the Sticky Back2Top plugin from 43Folders today!


Sticky Back2Top Universal – Optimized for Genesis is easily and extremely customizable, if your definition of “extremely” is about 3 things, anyways.

Current Options

  • Select any background color
  • Choose from several types of embedded images (defaults to the classic ‘up arrow’ look) – or none at all!
  • Choose location to stay sticky (useful if your visitors are typically right-to-left language readers)
  • Adjust size from small, to medium, all the way up to … wait for it … large! That’s nearly as big as Venti, but minus the pretenciousness.
  • Preview selection before activating

Coming Soon

  • Add your own images
  • Customize size more granularly
  • Allow for different opacity of images
  • Allow different background shapes
  • Dark mode pointers for a lightly colored background

Any suggestions for new features or images? Email me at and let me know!


  • Easy-to-understand interface provides quick selection and preview before activation. Options include color, arrow style, and location (more to come)!
  • Easily match your site color themes.
  • Choose from several styles of arrows and text (also more to come)! If you have suggestions for arrow styles, please send them for consideration.


  1. Unzip and upload files to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin in the “Plugins” administration page.

Upgrade normally, either by overwriting existing files or through the WordPress updater.

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

Q: Why is the sticky arrow hidden by my widgets or other page content?

A: The CSS z-index of the sticky arrow is set to 9999, so it should sit on top of everything. If it doesn’t, it could be that your widget or other content has a z-index of 9999 also – in that case, set it to 9998 or less.

Q: Does this work if I’m using a Genesis theme?

A: YES! Not only does it work, but the loading of the sticky arrow is specifically optimized for the Genesis hooks and initialization if you are using a Genesis child theme, meaning faster load times.

Q: I’ve heard of Genesis before, and it sounds cool – where can I find it?

A: If you’re interested, you can find out more about Genesis and StudioPress here:
Even if you already have Genesis, I would highly recommend the Minimum Pro theme – I use it for nearly all my clients because of its flexibility.
You can find it here:

Q: I don’t have time to mess around with stuff like that, can I just hire you to make a nice site for me?

A: Of course! You can either email me directly at or visit my website and portfolio at Thanks!

Q: I’ve already got Genesis, don’t need to hire you for anything, but I do stil want to show some appreciation for doing this. What do you suggest?

A: Can I tell you I love you? Not in a romantic or creepy way (OK, if I’m completely honest here maybe a little creepy), but I do. Here’s where you can buy me a coffee, or lunch or something:


सप्टेंबर 28, 2016
Thanks, works great with Genesis and Magazine Pro
सप्टेंबर 3, 2016
Yes I’m the developer, so my rating may not mean much to you but since they’re letting me review it … THIS PLUGIN IS 5 STARS ALL DAY, BABY!! OK, so that’s out of the way – seriously if you have comments or suggestions I’ll be here supporting the heck out of it and my other plugins, themes and so on. And how rigorously I support these free things should give you an idea the passion and commitment I bring to supporting the sites and customers that actually generate revenue. for portfolio and contact info. Thanks for trying my plugin, I hope it’s a 5 star product for you too! 🙂
सप्टेंबर 3, 2016 6 उत्तर
For some reason it doesn’t want to work with Altitude Pro. It’ll show up once you scroll to the very bottom. And even then, it’s partially cut off by the themes widget are above… Let me know if you get this fixed. Would love to use it. I’m looking for a floating style Back2Top option. Not one that appears once you scroll all the way to the bottom. Also, if you add a new design, please consider a circle with the standard arrow. Thanks!
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बदलांची यादी


  • FIX: Demo screen on admin pages was not showing circle and empty backgrounds in some cases.
  • FIX: Corected miner typos and speling erors thruout.


  • FIX: Updated CSS to force arrow on top of page content
  • FIX: Cleaned up other CSS features to allow for more flexibility of arrow and backdrop
  • FEATURE: Added new background shapes – circle and ‘none’
  • FEATURE: Several new arrow types
  • FEATURE: Improved demo area to more easily see what you’re getting
  • FEATURE: Added arrow in a circle image – shouts to cientiros for the suggestion!
  • CODE: Added variety to subtle banner ads (ads appear on admin options only)


  • FIX: Minor updates to fix various typos related to renaming the menu options


  • FEATURE: Support for non-Genesis themes!
  • FEATURE: Optimizes itself for Genesis themes


  • CODE: Added screenshots for the WordPress plugin page.
  • FIX: Stylesheet update to remove annoying link bottom border from box.


  • FIX: Changed localization js variable to string so it will process URL’s across all domains


  • FEATURE: Prettified admin page with jquery transition effects and preview
  • FEATURE: Added chevron, double arrow, big arrow, triangle
  • ADJUSTMENT: Increased size of objects so they are more clear
  • FIX: Removed extra body tag, loading init code
  • FIX: Confirmation of settings saved
  • CODE: Reorganized plugin structure to match best practices


  • Updated admin screens so you can see the choices before activating
  • Cleanup of a lot of code, much more efficient now


  • Updated tags to make the plugin easier to find
  • Corrected bug in CSS to allow the inner images to resize with the block


  • Updated background sizing method
  • Moved menu under main Genesis menu
  • Began preparation for “pro” version


  • File naming issue kept it from working for some installations


  • First release!