Press, News, Events

Create custom post types for press releases, references to external news stories, and events.

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SP Blog Designer

Using this plugin you can design your blog pages in few clicks and it's very…

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ADNKronos Importer

This plugin imports ADNKronos Feeds into your WordPress site by creating a post for each…

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Reuters Direct

A full-featured news aggregator, powered by Reuters Connect: Web Services, which ingests Reuters content directly…

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Kush Micro News

Spread the news in shortest possible way. Use links to refer complete article and title…

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AT News Scroller

A simple plugin to pull latest post from certain category as News ticker.

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Sync Feedly

Execute the syncing for feedly board articles, and import them to wordpress sites as posts.…

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Easy News Ticker

Easy news ticker is a tiny news ticker plugin that scroll the list infinitely vertically.

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The Guardian News Feed

The Guardian News Feed plug-in enables you to publish articles by the Guardian directly to…

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