Easy Auto Reload – WordPress Auto Refresh

Auto refresh WordPress pages if there is no site activity after any number of minutes.

Ivijan-Stefan Stipic 300+ active installations 6.0 सह चाचणी केली अद्यतनित 3 आठवडे पूर्वी

Nonce Extender

Plugin to allow a configurable nonce security code lifetime

Derrick Hammer 100+ active installations 4.7.23 सह चाचणी केली अद्यतनित 5 वर्षे पूर्वी


Provides sensible replacements of default nonce generation functions to more accurately reflect their expected behaviour.

Roy Orbison Fewer than 10 active installations 5.7.6 सह चाचणी केली अद्यतनित 1 वर्ष पूर्वी