This plugin has been closed as of फेब्रुवारी 2, 2024 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


नोव्हेंबर 22, 2022
Hi. Some pages in WordPress do not have an ID, like dynamically generated pages by plugins and in themes. So when this occurs, then the global $post variable will not return an ID. CorePlugin.php on line 208, there should be a condition that checks if $post_id is int or maybe greater than 0.
मे 10, 2022
с элементора постит только заголовок, ни статьи полностью ни картинок нет.
मार्च 7, 2021
Все работает, только картинки не всегда загружаются, на разных сайтах по-разному
मार्च 27, 2019
Пишет ошибку {"error":{"error_code":5,"error_msg":"User authorization failed: method is unavailable with group auth.","request_params":
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