This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Official website: YSlider websiteonline demo
(If you find a bug please report it here and I will work on it).

Plugin authors: Andrea Ferracani

You can have multiple instance of YSlider in each page or post. I’m working on a pro release which provides widgets and PHP code instantiation in templates. Contact me!

YSlider automatically displays the first image inside the post or page for each item in the widget and takes care to adapt it to the right width size for the main image and to generate the relative thumbnail in the carousel.

YSlider can display the post excerpt as item content. If the excerpt is not present it also creates for each post a teaser of the text to be visualized from the first 55 words! (To visualize the post excerpt go to posts > edit > screen options > excerpt).


  1. Download the archive.
  2. Use the WordPress “Add new plug-in feature” OR unzip and manually upload to your WordPress plugins directory.
  3. Check if files can be written in the /cache folder. If not so, change the folder permissions to 777.
  4. Activate the plugin from you WordPress Administration page.

When you activate the plugin a link YSlider is created in the left column of WordPress dashboard.

Once installed YSlider presents three menu items: YSlider, content and style / behaviours where it is possible to configure content and style parameters.

YSlider can be instantiated in pages with the shortcut [yslider] and can be configurated to override the default options, for example:

  • [yslider posttitle=”Recent movies”] to change the slider title
  • [yslider posttitle=”Recent movies” postwidth=700 postimgheight=300 postcontentheight=100] to have a slider 700px large with the main image 300px in height and the box containing the text 100px in height

All the available options:

  • posttitle=”what you want” to change the title (you can use posttitle=”” to remove title and subtitle)
  • postsubtitle=”what you want” to change the subtitle
  • postids=”45,42,39″ to select the post or pages in the slider (to make it work it is necessary to add the postrecent=”off” option). (to find out post or page id, go to post or page list and hover with the mouse on the post or page title: you can see the id in the link that shows in the bottom bar of the browser window)
  • postrecent=”on or off” to show the last eight post or page published
  • postwidth=600 to override the default slider width
  • postimgheight=600 to override the default main image height
  • postcontentheight=200 to override the main content default height
  • postcarouselheight=600 to override the default carousel height
  • postthumbheight=600 to override the carousel default image height
  • postslideby=5 to override the number of the items for each slide
  • postspeed=1000 to override the speed of the slide (in milliseconds)
  • postinterval=2000 to override the interval between each slide when postautoplay=”on” (in milliseconds)
  • postdelay=2000 to change the amount of time to add to postinterval before the slider begins the slideshow when postautoplay=”on” (in milliseconds)
  • postcontinuous=”on or off” to allow or not a circular navigation between items
  • postautoplay=”on or off” to allow slider autoplay

नेहमी विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

Please leave a comment at [YSlider official website] ( “YSlider official website”) if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or problems.


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योगदानकर्ते आणि विकसक

“YSlider” हे मुक्त स्रोत सॉफ्टवेअर आहे. पुढील लोक या प्लगइनच्या निर्मितीत योगदान केले आहे.


भाषांतर करा “YSlider” तुमच्या भाषेत.

विकासातील आग्रह?

कोड ब्राउझ करा, SVN संग्रहालय तपासा, किंवा विकास लॉग च्या RSS द्वारे सदस्यता घ्या.

बदलांची यादी


  • 2012 january 10: added support to themes for post thumbnail function
  • 2011 december 17: added featured image option (if you set a featured image to a post this it is used in the carousel)
  • 2011 october 31: Carousel continuous scrolling after window blur resolved (thanks to Jeremy)
  • 2011 october 07: Removed captions showing in widget when not using excerpts in posts
  • 2011 september 28: Security update for vulnerable version of library to menage images


  • 2011 september 26: javascript error on instantiation for IE6 and IE7 fixed (thanks to Marc)
  • 2011 september 21: added global variable table prefix for wp database
  • 2011 september 18: post an pages containing image captions not appearing in slider resolved
  • 2011 september 08: options in database removed on plugin deactivation
  • 2011 september 06: null initialization fixed
  • 2011 september 06: recent post or selected ids check box not working properly fixed