This plugin has been closed as of जुलै 8, 2024 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


सप्टेंबर 9, 2023
The tabs admittedly work pretty nicely if you are just figuring things out. I’ve been trying to cancel this service for 3 years though and they keep charging me. Don’t give them your card details.
एप्रिल 22, 2022
Their support is A+ .. they responded to my issue in a very timely fashion.
नोव्हेंबर 24, 2021
Nice and lightweight plugin, pretty easy to follow and use right out of the box – created just what I wanted. Not many bells and whistles in the free version, a bit more dressing in the Pro version. However, I’ve had a repeated problem of content not showing in the edit box when I want to edit a tab’s content. The content is definitely there, it shows in the tab mini-view area and on the live site – but hit the edit button and I’ve frequently, though not all the time, got an edit window with no visible content. Could be a bug? Could be the browser? (Firefox 94 on Mac OSX). I like it for its much smaller footprint than other plugins. But that content edit issue needs fixing.
नोव्हेंबर 26, 2020 1 उत्तर
fast answer, fast decision, that’s what we like about that developer!
नोव्हेंबर 22, 2019 1 उत्तर
The free version of the Responsive Tabs plugin is limited. You can’t change Tab’s color.
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